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the eng way 

 ENG's methodology is simple, we have eight steps to perfect your individual technique. All these principles are practised at all of our football programs. The way to be a better team each player has to improve individually. 

Below outlines is our principles and methods to get your child to a level where they're able to compete in competitive matches


The fundamentals.

Agility, balance & coordination, building the foundations.  


The ability to change direction quickly and effectively by using simple methods.


How to take a player on facing the opponent or having their back to goal. Shielding the ball.


Take A Player On Using Only 3 skills used by the top professionals around the world


We teach the importance of a good touch using different parts of their foot, Primarily their side foot


Using your laces for speed and inside & outside of the foot for close control in tight spaces.


Focusing placement with the side foot and striking with the ball with the laces. power or percision


Discover the art of a side footed pass, laces pass and outside of the foot, the most important skill.

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